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Rider Research acquired and re-launched The Online Reporter in 2003 as a weekly strategy bulletin about the digital media industry.

The Online Reporter tracks, explains and defines the technology and events that will lead to the day when a consumer can get any internet-delivered content on any device at any location.

Although (what can only be described as) ‘seismic shifts’ have occurred; file-sharing, fast broadband, the launch of smartphones and Apple gadgets, YouTube, smart TVs, social networks, apps, etc; the mission is much the same now as it was then. As digital media consumers, our lives have already been radically altered, but such areas as broadband speed inequalities, shifting content licensing deals, changing networks and protocol technologies all conspire to hamper the digital media anything, any time, anywhere dream.

Originally started by London-based publisher Computerwire (since bought and merged into Informa plc), The Online Reporter began life in 1996 tracking Oracle Corp’s Network Computers and Sun Microsystem’s Java software back in the days when a typical internet connection was made with a 28.8 kbit/s dial-up modem.


Some selected highlights


July 2014 The Online Reporter no. 887

Headline:  ‘First Major TV Maker to Deliver a Sub-$1,000 UHD Set’

As Samsung brings a $999 40-inch 4K UHD TV set to the market, The Online Reporter predicts that this level of affordability will change the dynamics in demand for OTT-delivered services and in turn will increase demand for greater broadband speeds.


TOR887 front cover

See the full Acrobat .PDF edition here TOR887


May 2012 The Online Reporter no. 780

The headline proclaimed ‘DOCSIS 3.0 Reigns Supreme in Broadband’

‘With speeds capable of 400 Mbps, DOCSIS experts say that the cable companies’ existing DOCSIS 3.0 technology can already match and even exceed the telcos’ VDSL2 Vectoring and FTTH deployments. Most consumers may not want more than 50 Mbps today, but who would ever have thought just a few years ago that millions of residences would now be streaming three or four HD videos simultaneously over the Net!’


TOR780 cover

See the full Acrobat .PDF edition here TOR780


January 2010 The Online Reporter no. 669

By then, this headline  ‘Apple’s IPad: A New Gateway to Entertainment’ was merely a formality.

TOR669 cover

After months of rumors, hints and leaks, the Apple iPad heralded a new class of gadget – the tablet and so-called ‘second screen’ had arrived.

Download the full edition and see the other digital media trends and events of the day here TOR669


October 2006 The Online Reporter no. 512

The headline “Will We ‘Youggle’ Something or Watch Videos on GoogTube?”

chronicled Google’s purchase of YouTube


Before the term “credit crunch” had even been invented, Rider Research had been tracking the myriad of VC-funded start-up websites that were hosting ‘UGC’ – user-generated content. Many fell by the way side but it was to be Google’s $1.65 billion acquisition of YouTube that influenced the future of online content.

Read The Online Reporter’s full analysis of this momentous occasion here TOR512-I


September 2005 The Online Reporter no. 459

The headline screams: “It’s Twins! Apple Delivers iTunes Phone and iPod nano”

TOR459 cover

The Online Reporter had been predicting Apple’s entree into the phone market for more than a year before this. The iPhone was to go on sale to a famously enthusiastic, line-forming general public nearly two years later in June 2007. Arguably, no other company has influenced the path digital media has taken in such a way as Apple.

Download the full Acrobat .PDF edition here TOR459-I


From June 2003, The Online Reporter no. 354

Headline: “Ask Not For Whom the Bell Tolls. Kazaa, It Tolls For Thee”

“The RIAA, on instructions from its member recording companies, is about to take its most daring legal step yet to crush the rampant piracy that has devastated industry profits.”

OR354 cover

Read the whole edition and get a flavor of the day’s issues here OR354



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